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The Beauty We Carry_Karie Richards_photo credit Tanja-Tiziana_WhiteShirtMovement1_edited.j


My name is Karie Richards.

I am a multidisciplinary artist whose work spans solo performance, acting, writing, producing, and voice work. I have written three solo performance pieces for the stage, BIRDY, THE GHOST PROJECT, and THE BEAUTY WE CARRY,  which I have performed across Canada. I have recorded the narration for two audiobooks: BREAKING AND ENTERING by Don Gillmor, and THE MUSIC GAME by Stéfanie Clermont, translated from the French by JC Sutcliffe, both for Biblioasis. As a vocalist, I have recorded and performed with renowned Canadian pianist, music producer and composer, John Sheard. Before I began writing and performing, I enjoyed a career in film postproduction, working in sound and picture editing on both feature films and large format/IMAX documentary films. I am currently developing my fourth play.

Photo credit: Tanja-Tiziana

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