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The Beauty We Carry_Karie Richards_photo credit Tanja-Tiziana_WhiteShirtMovement1_edited.jpg


Theatre Creator, Performer

"Richards is superb."

Christoper Hoile (Eye Weekly, Toronto, Ontario)


Created & Performed by KARIE RICHARDS

Direction & Production Design by GLENN DAVIDSON

A new solo show crafted verbatim from interview material considers the fragility, strangeness, and unpredictability of our lives; a group portrait shimmering with joy and grief, secret hopes

and graceful acts of love.


A soulful examination of the inevitable loss yet profound beauty that shapes a life. 


Photos of Karie Richards by Tanja-Tiziana

CBC Manitoba (Kelly Stifora reviewing The Ghost Project). 

"...a masterclass in performance and storytelling."

Winnipeg Free Press, Winnipeg Manitoba (Matt TenBruggencate reviewing Birdy).

"...nothing short of stupendous."

Atlantic Fringe Festival Past Chair, Kevin Kindred, posting about The Ghost Project at the 2018 Halifax Fringe Festival

"...must-see in my opinion. Wonderfully acted, thoughtful one-woman show featuring verbatim accounts of encounters with the spirit world. This is the kind of script I really love, and in the hands of the talented Karie Richards, it's very engaging."

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