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Winnipeg Free Press
Matt TenBruggencate

"Most shows require at least 25 warm bodies to repeatedly break the laughter barrier. Anything less and people tend to politely clam up. That Karie Richards — alone onstage in the show she penned — was able to get her small crowd to burst out laughing despite the near constant tears brought on by her tragic monologue is nothing short of stupendous.

Richards plays Birdy, a sweet, charming woman who lives “in an almost constant state of trying to make things better for other people.” That’s when her meds aren’t slowing her down, at any rate. Her free-flowing conversation with the audience voices soul-gnawing worries most of us choose to ignore: overfishing; grandparents locked in seniors home and the guy who showed up to yoga with crutches.

Despite mounting evidence, however, the show never gives up on hope. That, too, is stupendous."

"funny, poignant and perceptive"

The Jenny Revue, Winnipeg Fringe Festival

"Birdy is a brave and touching piece of storytelling."

Life With More Cowbell Theatre Blog
Cate McKim

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