Founded in 2019 by Karie Richards and Danny Cushing, Unit 5 Theatre Collective is dedicated to developing, creating, and sharing original work that is intimate, engaging, truthful and personal.  

We maintain the optimistic view that theatre can make space for personal and social transformation. We are committed to telling stories that underscore our responsibility to be curious about one another, to be kinder to one another, and to soften our hearts, with a focus on how we choose to care for all the beings we encounter, day by day, including this beautiful, imperilled planet we share.  

We are committed to telling stories that highlight the beauty and the mystery that exists everywhere, in small things. We are dedicated to creating a space to be with each other’s voices and become part of each other’s stories.  We are enthusiastic about creating work that stirs our hearts and our imagination.  We desire to tell stories that ask, “Who are you, my friend?”, and “How can we make our time together a richer experience for one another?” 

Unit 5 Theatre Collective has produced original work for Canadian audiences from coast to coast, in Halifax, London, Toronto, Winnipeg, and Nanaimo, as well as internationally, in Tepoztlan, Mexico.